5 Ozone Pilots in the Red Bull X-Alps 2007
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Of course we continue until the 48h deadline is over which rests for the teams after the arrival of the first in goal.

It was possible to fly out into the main valley from our overnight stay after a short foot march. Then we continued by foot crossing Martigny and now we are at the pass which leads down to Chamonix. Unfortunately extremely flat and of course closely forested. So no flying. If my calf do not explode on two legs, if it won’t work out else, then we’ll get there crawling on my breast nipples. Chamonix has to be.

When the 48h deadline is over, we will definitely drive down to Monaco. On Wednesday afternoon there will be a victory ceremony and a barbecue party. We’ll continue with pictures and reports on http:// www.paragliding-tegernsee.de. First pain, then better.

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